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Come build a success together

Identio is a technological company specialised in consulting. It is fully owned by its creators. With us, you will get to design and develop our clients’ digital services. We will always strive to find a project that serves you and combines meaningful challenges with personal professional growth. Our goal is to grow, become more international and compete to win partnerships with global market-leading companies and brands. To get there, we need people who have the courage to look at things from different perspectives. We have to make sure everyone feels safe to bring out their opinions and show their true colours.

Open positions

Senior Software Engineer

Turku / Helsinki

A stamp on your coffee mug, not your forehead

We want your coffee mug to read “Identio” and we hope that you can take sips out of it with an appropriate amount of pride. However, we want you to join our team as you are. Competences are essential in recruiting, but first and foremost, we want to hire humans who also have other interests outside work.

What do you want to be when you become an Identio team member?

In this field, we will never be complete professionally. That is why we want to ensure that every member of our team has the opportunity to develop themselves both professionally and as a person. We find it important that you can find self-fulfilment both at work and on your free time.

What can we offer you?

Developing one’s competence during working hours

It is important that the people at Identio feel that they are developing in their work. It also enables us to offer our customers even stronger expertise.

Possibility for ownership

Success is achieved by doing things together. That is why we want to offer everyone at Identio the opportunity to build something of their own and become a partner.

Possibility to affect the company's development

Identio and our company culture look like our employees. In our team, everyone has the opportunity to influence what the company looks like in the future

High-quality leisure time

Leisure time must be a counterbalance to work. This idea is supported by our sports and cultural benefits, bicycle benefit and various activities paid for by the company.

A four-step recruiting process

Meet our team

Open positions

Senior Software Engineer

Turku / Helsinki

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