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Idention ohjelmistokehittäjä Konsta Sinisalo

Name: Konsta Sinisalo
Job description: Software Engineer

What is something that not everyone knows about you?

I’m surprisingly self-aware, and it doesn’t necessarily always show on the outside. I deliberately give people the impression that I’m really relaxed – and that’s quite true. I’d say I’m a mediocre coder but an excellent consultant. I’m self-confident, and I think I am a good communicator. These are valuable skills and that’s why I think I’m also good at project-based work. I usually have a relaxed attitude towards things. I think that’s why it’s easy for me to talk to people. Despite my relaxed attitude, I do take things seriously.

What was the spark that inspired you to join Identio?

While I was still at my previous job, I got a message from Julius, who was interested in hiring me to work at Identio. I had lunch with him, and we had a good conversation. We discussed what Identio could offer me and what I would like to gain from the company. I really liked my job at the time, so the decision to leave was not easy.

Soon I found myself in a situation where I had two job offers. One was a digital marketing company, and the other was Identio. The digital marketing company offered me a higher salary and a Tech Lead position, but, at least for now, I want to be in a company where I can learn something from others. Identio also gave me the opportunity to work with more interesting technology. I knew that this would be the better option for me in the long run.

My decision was based on the job description, the development and career opportunities, the people, and the company culture.

What drives you in your work?

Since I started in IT, I’ve never imagined doing anything else. Although I sometimes doubt myself, I know that I’m ultimately pretty good at my job. Even if I’m not the best in any particular area, I know that as a whole I’m the kind of consultant clients want to hire. I enjoy my work as long as I feel I get more out of it than just the money. Here, I can grow professionally and develop my skills, and I also have the chance of a lifetime to be part of building the company. I feel this way more strongly than ever before. There are also good career opportunities within the company.

What would you like to tell your future colleagues?

The people who know me know what kind of a person I am and what kind of work environment I value. Identio is exactly that. For those who don’t know me so well, I’d like to say this: if you only care about making money, then you probably shouldn’t choose Identio.

Identio is becoming more and more well-established, wages are being raised, and the demand is constantly increasing. I used to work for a very similar company to Identio, but the people who work here have more expertise. We are constantly working to ensure that everyone can develop their skills and that the company evolves to meet people’s expectations. I’ve witnessed companies struggle with compromises, but I haven’t seen this at Identio. It’s very rare that you don’t have to compromise, even though everyone has the freedom to do things their way.

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