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Identio is a technology company that helps future-oriented companies utilise new and sustainable technologies and build a more workable digital future. We utilise the agile methods of modern software development in our work. We will provide professionals to support your team throughout the lifecycle of your software project.

Our Services

We utilized modern technology to improve the discoverability and usability of Leo Mechelin Archive. 

We partnered with Smartum to develop the SmartumPlus service and enhance the user interface and experience of SmartumPay.

We helped Lyyti to renew their SaaS-product for event management.
The development of their online store has made growth possible both in Finland and abroad.
Our collaboration began in the spring of 2021 when EmCe needed extra help with its major product development project.
Twoday produced a client story about our cooperation based on Joonas Korgan’s interview.

Selected clients

Selected clients


Our cooperation with Sitowise started when supply and demand met at the best possible time and the partnership felt natural for both parties. Sitowise has many big and nationally significant projects, and we were part of the development of Sitowise’s online service for end users. The development team consisted of more than 10 experts, including full-stack developers, testers, data conversion professionals and a scrum master. In the project, Identio’s role included full-stack development.


Identio’s consultant’s interest in specific technology and Smartum’s need for an expert in this technology laid the foundation for a good partnership. Smartum has several software projects underway, and we have been able to work with them on software design and backend development as well as UI/UX design. Cooperation has been smooth from the start, and Identio’s staff has felt that working as part of Smartum’s teams is very meaningful. Our consultants have particularly liked the equal treatment of employees at Smartum and the appreciation of everyone’s work input.
“At Smartum, we are very satisfied with our cooperation and the expertise that Identio has used to complement our development team. In particular, we value the quality of the code, their ability to cooperate and teamwork skills, high-quality and professional working methods, and initiative and commitment to achieving the goals set for the team.”
– Anne Silván, Product Manager, Smartum


Kiho’s vision is to build the world’s best fleet and fieldwork management platform, seamlessly integrated with the most innovative solutions in the industry. We have had the opportunity to work with Kiho on the development of their online service.
“Identio has helped us a lot in developing web user interfaces. Even when the projects and commissions changed, they were able to meet the defined needs with their great competences and by adapting to different situations. Our cooperation was smooth, and the results were professional. We recommend them!”
– Ville Nuutinen, Team Lead, Kiho


The partnership between Identio and twoday began when Identio was just founded. In the project, which started in 2020, we have been able to work as part of the twoday team and develop electronic customer service solutions and portals for social welfare and health care organisations. We have been extensively involved in the full-stack development of the online service, and, in addition to software development, we have also provided support in areas such as software requirements specification, growing the developer culture, and improving development practices.


Vaadin is one of Identio’s first partners, and our collaboration has focused on product development centred around Vaadin’s own components. Our first project lasted about two years, but our partnership is still going strong. We will continue collaboration if further development needs arise.
“Identio has helped Vaadin in product development of user interface technologies. The flexibility and web technology skills of their team have made for an especially flexible cooperation.”
– Joonas Lehtinen, CEO, Vaadin