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The world is changing, and sometimes you must question even your own existence. This happened to Lyyti when the global pandemic threatened their entire business. The winners are often actors like Lyyti who are ready to take the digital service by the horns and genuinely take their customers’ needs into account. We helped Lyyti revise their event management product by utilising modern technologies. With that, the scalability and versatility of the product also improved.

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Lyyti makes meaningful encounters possible

Lyyti is a SaaS product developed for event management, and it centres around handling of registrations, marketing and communications related to events as well as post-event marketing and possible enquiries. Lyyti makes organising and managing events of over 1,000 participants possible, both in Finland and across Europe. The goal of Lyyti is that more and more organisations would understand the significance of events and recognise their personal needs related to event management. In addition, Lyyti creates significant additional value for its customers. For example, it provides insight into how participants can make the most of the events.

Success is not given in the ever-changing operating environment of the event sector of the 2020s. Lyyti’s prosperity can be attributed, among other things, to their successful solutions that genuinely serve their users. The balance of the product comes from innovative and advanced possibilities, combined with ease of use. Launched in November 2022, Lyyti Next Gen is a renewed version of an old yet familiar platform. The new product brings improved scalability, and the development process has taken the long-term further development opportunities into account.

“I had roughly 40 CVs on my desk and interviewed at least 15 external consultants; many of the large consulting firms were involved. I was surprised that the best expert was right next door all along, at Identio.”

– Lauri Lehtonen, CTO, Lyyti

Quality and expertise to support foundation building

The first lines of code for Lyyti’s product were written over 15 years ago, and it has been developed ever since. In summer 2021, Lyyti made the decision to improve the product with modern technologies to ensure both the development of the product and even better service for customers in the future. The goal was to make the product more scalable and versatile.

Consultants bring a wealth of experience from successful projects to the project table, which is valuable for the customer. Lyyti’s CTO Lauri Lehtonen provides a background for bringing an external consultant into the development team: “We wanted to bring in a consultant as we were choosing technologies and building the first blocks of the revised product version. It’s a critical stage where most of the mistakes are made. It can be difficult to correct past mistakes if you have already started building on them. Consultants have experience of similar situations in the project world, so they know what works and what doesn’t.” In such projects, it is therefore important that the consultant not only knows how to code, but also how to plan the work at a higher level.

Identio’s consultant was part of Lyyti’s development team in various roles: as a senior software developer and architect and as a scrum master. Our expertise was utilised throughout the project, from designing the Lyyti Next Gen product and selecting technologies to launching the finished product. Lauri Lehtonen describes the collaboration between Identio and Lyyti as straightforward and efficient: “We were looking for a senior-level architect who also focuses on writing code. Identio’s consultant was able to evaluate the complexity of the tasks and how difficult they would be to implement exceptionally well. They were not only wise but also efficient.”

“My role as an architect began even before a single line of code was written and continued until the revised product was launched. It was great, and I would like to thank the customer for their trust.”

– Sami Suo-Heikki, senior software engineer and architect, Identio

Collaboration builds momentum for the future

In the future, event management is increasingly diverse thanks to Lyyti. Lyyti wants to improve the measurability of events and encourage organisations to focus on developing the participant experience. Identio, in turn, wants to help as many Finnish and international companies as possible to solve technological challenges and to create more sustainable, functional and scalable products and services. Lyyti is a great example of such partnership.


  • Design of a new, modern and scalable product and selection of technologies
  • Design of new features and full stack development
  • Building the project foundation in a sustainable manner, while enabling future development needs
  • Integrations between the old and new product so that they work together as a single system and are easy to use for existing customers
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