We provide professionals to aid your development team. We are your partner in digital transformation.

Identio is a technology company that helps future-oriented companies utilise new and sustainable technologies and build a more workable digital future. We utilise the agile methods of modern software development in our work. We will provide individual software developers or entire development teams to support your team.

Full stack & Cloud services

Our experienced full stack developers will help your team to design and implement your software.

Mobile development

The world is becoming increasingly mobile. Our skilful mobile developers will help you at all the stages of software development.

Architecture design

Good design brings security and cost efficiency. We will help you develop and maintain your software effortlessly.


Our experts will help you solve your business challenges with technology and software expertise.

Comprehensive development

We want to create significant added value for our clients. In addition to developing digital services and products, we help our clients improve their methods of software production, for example. We strive to use our own professional competences to promote our clients’ business.

Quality and agility

Our team members have diverse experience in different development teams and multi-supplier environments. We utilise agile methods and our team’s extensive expertise in our work. Our internal mentoring programme and training ensure that we can offer the best professionals in their field with the best possible technological expertise.

Trust and transparency are the key

We take care of people regardless of on which side of the table they are seated. We want to be our client’s most trustworthy partner and we ensure it with good recruitments and by taking good care of our employees. In our work, we appreciate open and transparent communications. We will also dedicate ourselves to the partnership from the very beginning.