We develop our clients' digital products and services.

Identio is a software consultancy operating in Turku and Helsinki.
Our work emphasizes close cooperation and smooth communication between the team and the client. We are team players and customers are our most important partners.

Key factors in our work

Quality & agility

Our consultants have versatile experience in different development teams and multi-vendor environments. In our work, we use agile methods and the wide-ranging and comprehensive expertise of our team.

Seniority and mentoring

We have seniority and versatile expertise in our team. We are building a culture that puts developing our skills at the center and we constantly invest in learning. Our internal mentoring culture also encourages developing together.

Focused on reliability and transparency

We take care of people regardless of on which side of the table they are seated. We want to be our client’s most trustworthy partner. We ensure it by taking good care of our employees and by constantly developing our company and its culture.


Identio is owned by its people. We offer each of our employees the opportunity for ownership. For us, ownership means trust in the future and working together, as well as commitment and bearing responsibility to achieve common goals.

Identio in numbers


team members



2,8 M

2023 turnover



Comprehensive development

We work on projects that combine problem-solving, creativity, and multi-vendor environments that require different skills. We want to create significant added value for our customers through our work. In addition to the design and development of digital services and products, we help our customers develop various capabilities around software development. We help e.g. in mentoring younger developers and improving software production methods.

“At Smartum, we are very satisfied with our cooperation and the expertise that Identio has used to complement our development team. In particular, we value the quality of the code, their ability to cooperate and teamwork skills, high-quality and professional working methods, and initiative and commitment to achieving the goals set for the team.”

– Anne Silván, Product Manager, Smartum


Every company, regardless of its industry, is facing digitalisation. Success in the development of digital services requires, in addition to technology and design expertise, a strong understanding of business demands. Therefore, it also requires committed and transparent cooperation between the client and the consultancy. We have helped numerous leading companies in their field towards a modern and scalable digital future. We dare to say that we are proud of the work we do.

Come build a success together

Identio is a technology company owned 100% by its creators. With us, you will get to design and develop our clients’ digital services.

A workplace that looks like its creators

Developing one’s competence during working hours

It is important that the people at Identio feel that they are developing in their work. It also enables us to offer our customers even stronger expertise.

Possibility for ownership

Success is achieved by doing things together. That is why we want to offer everyone at Identio the opportunity to build something of their own and become a partner.

Possibility to affect the company's development

Identio and our company culture look like our employees. In our team, everyone has the opportunity to influence what the company looks like in the future

High-quality leisure time

Leisure time must be a counterbalance to work. This idea is supported by our sports and cultural benefits, bicycle benefit and various activities paid for by the company.

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+358 40 568 4617

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