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Twoday is a company that focuses on IT consulting and software solutions. The customers of the company are mostly big Finnish businesses and the public sector. Their expertise includes service design, tailored IT solutions, digital services and knowledge-based management.


Twoday has produced this article based on Joonas Korgan’s interview.

Genuine partnership is the key to success

We complete a large amount of client projects every year and our 400 professionals take care of most of them. In some projects we do, however, utilise our large network of partners. In that case, the aspects we focus on are finding the suitable partners and building a cooperation model that is profitable to all parties. We cooperate with many actors in the IT field, whether they are small or big. We have worked with some of our partners for several years in many projects, but we continue to also seek new rising companies to help our clients.

One of these newer partners is Identio, an IT growth company from Turku. We had already started a significant project with a big public sector actor when we needed a few more specialists. Identio, still taking their first steps, helped us find the suitable experts for the project.

Karo Koskinen, responsible for twoday’s partner relationships and network, and Joonas Korgan, CEO of Identio, were quick to find a solution that suited both parties and, first and foremost, the client. Identio has been our partner since then.

The young entrepreneurs at Identio seize opportunities with an admirable drive. They have committed to completing all consulting work with a great attitude and it is an all-around pleasure to work with them.

– Karo Koskinen, Deputy Managing Director, twoday

Better cooperation through transparency

Identio’s role in a project has been designing and developing new features and working as a consult and a software developer. As the project progresses, their role has remained similar, but they have taken more responsibility. The client has been very satisfied with their work and its results. This is because we find the suitable and the most skilled professionals for each project, and they do an excellent job. “The young entrepreneurs at Identio seize opportunities with an admirable drive. They have committed to completing all consulting work with a great attitude and it is an all-around pleasure to work with them,” says Karo Koskinen.

According to Joonas Korgan from Identio, the cooperation has always been very smooth, the required information has been easy to acquire, and twoday has been very quick to react.

“Karo has always been available when needed, and all work has been very open. They trust us, respect us, and give us responsibility. They have treated us like we worked at twoday and not as “mere” subcontractors. This feeling is hard to describe, but it is a great feeling,” Joonas says.

According to Karo, working as openly as possible is the key to a working cooperation and the
best possible outcome for all parties; us, our partners, and our clients.

Trust is vital

Joonas especially highlights two very important aspects for a growth company; always paying invoices on time and being able to trust a partner. This has stabilised their operations, created a carefree environment and enabled Identio to grow. He thinks that their partnership with us has been critically important because they have been able to become an important player in the IT field in Turku region in just a year. As Joonas said: “They gave a small company a chance, which has been unbelievably important to us.”

“If I had to describe twoday as a partner in one word, it would be ‘trustworthy’,” Joonas states.

According to Joonas, they have learned many useful lessons of working on projects, sales, marketing and many other things during their cooperation. Joonas also says that Karo Koskinen has given them much valuable and concrete advice on, for example, growing the company and recruiting. “They have the correct entrepreneurial mindset, and they work with a long-term perspective, investing in the future. This is why it has been pleasant to spar Identio when it comes to the development of the company too,” Karo says.

“In my opinion, more people should know what a great partner twoday is. If everyone had a partner like them, I believe that many other companies would also succeed quicker in the market,” concludes Joonas.

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