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Idention ohjelmistokehittäjä Niko Kaartinen.

Name: Niko Kaartinen
Job description: Software Engineer

What is something that not everyone knows about you?

I sometimes have a pretty bad imposter syndrome. It’s present almost weekly, and I notice that I sometimes wonder when is someone going to notice that I can’t do my job. But, eventually, I always get it: I’m not that incompetent.

These thoughts repeat in challenging problem-solving situations. When I’m stuck for longer, I feel like I should’ve been able to solve it already with the amount of experience I have. I feel even more foolish if the solution is relatively easy, but my mind just hasn’t seen it from the right angle. Another situation that causes imposter thoughts is when someone tells me something I don’t know. It makes me ask myself how it’s possible that I haven’t known this earlier. It’s absurd because no one can know everything in this field.

Most of the time, I can talk sense to myself. I‘ve also tried to write down the positive feedback I’ve received. When it gets really bad, I open the file and read the feedback. For some, imposter thoughts can be difficult. In my opinion, it’s also important for a Senior Developer to learn to manage their own feelings of uncertainty.

What was the spark that inspired you to join Identio?

My previous job was almost perfect. I wanted to find something similar, but I’d rather be closer to Turku than Helsinki. I had a couple of product companies that I considered and an open recruitment process with a consulting company. I thought that, as a consultant, I’d have a better chance for professional development.

I knew a couple of people from Identio through a project I was working on and asked them more about the company. I also checked out their website, blog and various other output, and realised that it looked exactly like what I needed. Identio seemed to be a good size and a truly employee-oriented company. Big companies have their pros, but here I have my own voice and it’s motivating. I’m not just a part of the machine but an important person.

What drives you in your work?

From an entirely personal perspective, it’s important for me to be able to develop my own competence. However, the most important thing in my work is that the projects are meaningful and help people. When I joined Identio, I immediately said that there are certain actors whose values I do not agree with. It’s important that I can influence my own work.

When a product or service is meaningful, it’ll be used for something important and it genuinely helps people, it makes the project motivating. You want to use your own time to work on it and perform as well as you possibly can.

What would you like to tell your future colleagues?

Distrusting your competence is normal and you should try to take it lightly or through humour or something. You no doubt are more critical of your own skills than what’s real. Talk about your doubts and ask for help. Everyone can be who they are, and everyone is accepted as they are here.

I’d like to put out one more good word for the company: it feels really good to work here. Openness plays a very big role in the culture and it’s an important part of well-being.

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