Senior Software Engineer

We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer to join our skilful and dedicated team.

Are you interested in helping our client to reach more functional and sustainable technologies? Do you want to work for a company where you have the opportunity to have a key role in both your own work and in the development of the entire company?

Identio is a technological company specialised in consulting and comprehensive implementations. We will help our clients to utilise modern technology and build a more functional digital future. Trust and transparency are integral to our work, and these values show in our work with clients as well as in our internal culture.

Work tasks

With us, you will get to design and develop our clients’ digital services. We will always strive to find a project that serves you and combines meaningful challenges with the possibility for personal professional growth.

Your daily tasks include:

  • Working in a client environment as part of the development team
  • Developing the client’s methods in software production
  • Producing high-quality software
  • Promoting the client’s business with your own professional skills

You can work flexibly from home or at our office located in the heart of Turku. If necessary, Identio team members will also sometimes work on the client’s premises.

What we expect from you?


With the title of Senior Software Engineer our starting salaries usually range between EUR 4,000 and EUR 5,500. We determine the salary range based on individual skill level and discussion with individual candidates.

What can we offer you?

Developing one’s competence during working hours

It is important that the people at Identio feel that they are developing in their work. It also enables us to offer our customers even stronger expertise.

Possibility for ownership

Success is achieved by doing things together. That is why we want to offer everyone at Identio the opportunity to build something of their own and become a partner.

Possibility to affect the company's development

Identio and our company culture look like our employees. In our team, everyone has the opportunity to influence what the company looks like in the future

High-quality leisure time

Leisure time must be a counterbalance to work. This idea is supported by our sports and cultural benefits, bicycle benefit and various activities paid for by the company.

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+358 40 568 4617

+358 40 568 4617

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