Working at Identio – Trust and flexibility as the main themes

We all have a personal life outside of work. It is different for everyone, but we are all united by the fact that sometimes it surprises us. Surprises can be desirable and happy, or they may include uncertainty or sadness. In these moments of surprise, it is important that working life is flexible. These moments are part of humanity, and at Identio, what we want in our team, above all else, are people – not just experts.

When it comes to fitting together work life and the rest of life, there is a lot of talk about balance. Of course it is a good idea to find a balance in everyday life, but I think that work and leisure time should offer each other even more significant counterbalance. Leisure time should be meaningful, and during it, your mind should be off work-related issues. In addition to our comprehensive employment benefits, we have aimed to achieve this by creating a culture in which everyone can genuinely have their own life outside of work. Slack messages do not need to be read at night and you are not expected to answer them outside working hours. The same applies to work e-mail and other channels through which work can sneak into leisure time.

Identio is flexible as a workplace

We have always had an open mind regarding the future, and studying new things is an essential part of our everyday life. Everyone, including our shareholders, has the opportunity to work a reduced working week, for example, in order to complete a degree or other studies. This opportunity has been welcomed and has significantly reduced the total daily burden for many.

Flexibility is also present in happy stages of life, such as when there are additions to family. For us, new family members are always happy news, and the people at Identio have made use of the opportunity to take family leave and enjoy spending time with their babies.

In general, flexible working hours in everyday life make it possible to work almost anywhere and at any time. Of course, customer projects must run according to jointly agreed schedules, but otherwise you can divide your own time by doing part of the workday in the morning and the rest in the evening.

During the day, you can also, for example, visit the gym or take care of your personal matters. This is a normal practice, which the company’s owners lead by their own example. It is a good idea to recognise and support different ways of building one’s own everyday life, and this is easy at Identio.

Physical and psychological well-being

Our comprehensive occupational health agreement takes care of the physical and mental health of our employees. Of course, it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of their own coping in everyday life and we encourage our colleagues to talk about challenges they face at work as early as possible. This will enable us to support everyone further in their own work and prevent the challenges from becoming too great.

At Identio, every employee has access to the psychologist’s service at Mehiläinen, which can be used at a very low threshold. In particular, the emergency conditions that began in 2020 created a new kind of situation to which we have had to adapt, and which has put a new strain on us. Situations are very individual, and it is therefore important to take different needs into account.

Every one of us needs to talk about their problems sometimes. Some only need the support of a colleague or other close person, while others need the help of a professional in dealing with their own feelings and thoughts. Neither option is better or worse. We have wanted to ensure that no one has to be alone with their own thoughts.

At Identio, you are a person before you are an employee. In order for everyday life to flow smoothly, the different areas of life must be at least approximately in order. Our company culture and knowledge of it help people create working life that looks like them. When people are feeling well, they are also better employees. We also work every day to make Identio an even better workplace.

When life happens, everyday life can momentarily become chaotic. We at Identio can rely on the flexibility of work.


Erika Bergström


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+358 40 568 4617

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