Identio acquires eight new shareholders

Identio acquired eight new shareholders in January 2022. They previously had eight shareholders. Therefore, the number of owners doubled in one go. Some of the old shareholders also bought more shares. Identio already has a total of 16 owners.

At Identio, the employee has always come first. The founders, Joonas Korgan and Sami Suo- Heikki, have wanted to grant every employee the opportunity to become a shareholder. Partnership is a great way to engage good employees with the company and also offer them a chance to profit off of their success more than before. Partnership motivates the employee when they know that they are building something that matters to them.

Identio team members have always owned 100 per cent of Identio. All new shareholders are again current employees of the company and no outside investors have been invited to join.

Joonas Korgan, CEO, has high hopes for the future:

– I’m glad that our employees trust us this much. It was great to have this many new owners. The old owners invested more as well. The situation is putting pressure on me, but in a positive sense. Our employees believe in us, and now I have the obligation to work even harder and honour their expectations. I firmly believe that we will build a good foundation also for future success with this team.


Erika Bergström


+358 40 568 4617

+358 40 568 4617

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