Identio’s revenue and result in accounting period 2020

Identio’s accounting period 2020 was wrapped up with thankfulness and pride. The expectations were already high, but the result was even better than they had assumed.

We were able to hire many new employees during this exceptional year, which might have contributed to the significant increase in revenue. Their revenue in the accounting period 2019 was EUR 357,000. In 2020, the revenue increased by 153.4 per cent and reached EUR 905,000.

“At first, they estimated the revenue at EUR 500,000, then at EUR 750,000. We are very proud of the number.”

Sami Suo-Heikki

Identio’s goal for 2020 was a revenue of EUR 750,000. The growth was a pleasant surprise. Identio’s founding member Sami Suo-Heikki summarises things that enabled them to grow:

– Our recruiting was doing well during the whole last accounting period. It feels like we hired more people than we should have from the point of view of sales. We have also found our own place in the market.

In 2019, the result of the accounting period was EUR 75,000, while in 2020 it was slightly less than EUR 212,000. That means we made a profit of 23.5 per cent in 2020.

“I would advise everyone to think about people and numbers. Not only one of them.”

Sami Suo-Heikki

During the accounting period 2020, Identio upgraded from a micro enterprise into a small business. New professionals joined the team this year too. Joonas Korgan, CEO, has a positive outlook for the future:

– We have managed to make a bigger profit and keep our staff and clients happy. All of this has happened during a pandemic crisis. We attribute this success to our skilled, competent and involved staff.


Erika Bergström


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