Fortnightly Dev Vol. 4

Fortnightly Dev Newsletter – from developers to developers.

Fortnightly Dev is a newsletter originally published in our internal #programming-channel. We read it and thought, what the hell — this might even interest someone else.

⚡️ Supabase –
Firebase is a pretty nifty tool many developers have worked with at some point or another. Sometimes, you might want an alternative to the ever expanding line of Google products. Supabase has stepped up to more than fill that need. Supabase provides an alternative to Firebase with a matching API, a true and tested PostgreSQL database configuration and an amazing documentation providing a number of usecases. While Supabase does provide hosted options, the platform itself is Open Source and may be self-hosted on the platform of your choise. Pretty cool stuff!

🎈 – is a curious fresh cloud provider with the aim to make your applications globally reachable. Fly supports several different runtimes and makes it easy for developers to deploy their applications … on the fly. Think of Heroku with an “on-the-edge” focus and a fantastic command-line tool that makes the cloud fun again.’s documentation provides guides to getting started with even some fresher tech such as Elixir, Deno and Remix.

🦀 You want rust-analyzer for your Rust development – rust-analyzer, Rust Blog
Rust-analyzer is an amazing piece of tooling for your work in the Rust language. It offers IDE-like functionality such as completion and goto for many different editors. Rust-analyzer was an unofficial tool for a long time, but it has recently joined the Rust organization! This means that for example the Rust-plugin for VS Code now uses Rust-analyzer under the hood, and we no longer have to instruct new Rustaceans to install an additional piece of tooling.

✈️ Web frontend with Rust & WebAssembly –,
WebAssembly is here, and it gives us a wider choice of technologies for the web. Technologies such as Yew and Dioxus give us a React-like API to building user interfaces with Rust. These technologies are not as battle-tested as their JavaScript counterparts, but they’re still surprisingly usable and features such as hooks work quite nicely with Rust.

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