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Fortnightly Dev Newsletter – from developers to developers.
Fortnightly Dev is a newsletter originally published in our internal #programming-channel. We read it and thought, what the hell — this might even interest someone else.

🏆 State of JS 2021, Part 1The State of JS
State of JS 2021 is out, we’re going to go over it in the next few weeks to see what’s happening over there. Rust and Golang tooling is not only a novelty, but expanding and seeing more use in a big way. Frameworks built on top of popular UI libraries are gaining further ground and making developers happy. Next.js, Sveltekit and Remix all have very content users. Svelte seems to be the fastest growing UI library. Two of the most popular backend frameworks are static site generators. (“2022: year of svelte” -K.P.)
Part 2 in two weeks

📖 Storybooks are the bees kneesStorybook
Storybooks ranked high in developer satisfaction in the State of JS survey, and not without reason. We find storybooks to be a great way of finding common understanding between designers and developers working on common projects. Any engineer working on user interfaces in one form or another should take a look at Storybook’s introduction which also introduces developers to design systems briefly.

Typed APIsPgTyped | tRPC | GraphQL Code Generator
Static types are great. Typesafe code is great. However there’s really no options for typesafety between distributed systems, such as full-stack applications with a frontend, a backend and a database. We can generate our types from a SQL/JSON/GraphQL-schema to enable for full-stack typesafety. This is a bit of a hack though. tRPC is a library which promises to allow for typesafety built in to your requests. Could this be the future? Or could typesafety be something that’s built in to HTTP-protocol?

🐠 MantineMantine
What’s happening with component libraries? We’re still building applications with Material UI in 2022, but with mixed feelings on the highly popular library. Mantine is a relatively recent entry to the field of component libraries, providing a clean API and an approach to components pretty close to that of Chakra-UI. Good looking components, with a thin API layer.

🔨 RealWorld example appsCodebaseShow RealWorld example apps
When building new projects or learning new technologies, it’s often nice to look at existing real world example projects. Realworld is a specification for a blog application, that mimics a real world application with authentication, routing etc. CodebaseShow is a website compiling different Realworld applications together for a simple reference point for developers.


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