This is how Identio takes care of you – 9+1 employee benefits

We at Identio have always wanted to prioritise the well-being and coping of our employees. In addition to the most important health and safety services and benefits, we have chosen benefits for which there has clearly been demand in our team.

We listed our employment benefits currently in use in this publication.


Flexible balance for tax-supported benefits EUR 400/year

We use Edenred Mychoice benefit, where the amount provided by the employer can be divided as desired between massage benefit, commuting benefit, dental care benefit, and sports and culture benefit. Flexibility enables better consideration of individual needs and preferences.


Lunch benefit €10.20/working day

A lunch benefit is also downloaded to the Edenred card on a monthly basis. Although the lunch benefit is one of the ‘most common’ benefits, it is of enormous importance. Lunch is a social event and an important moment to exchange news with colleagues. During the pandemic, we adopted a practice where the lunch benefit can alternatively be taken as cash. This decision was based on the fact that many of us cook our meals on remote working days.


Free choice of devices and licenses

We do not compromise on the tools and the meaningfulness of the work performed here. Before the start of the employment relationship, everyone at Identio can choose the most suitable devices for themselves from laptops and phones to noise cancelling headphones. In addition to this, Identio offers licenses for the softwares required for the work as well as a mobile plan for employees.


Comprehensive occupational health and insurance

Our occupational health services are currently located in Mehiläinen, where the digital clinic makes it possible to contact them on a very low threshold. Mehiläinen takes care of Identio’s staff comprehensively and, if necessary, helps with both physical and mental well-being challenges.

In addition to occupational health, everyone at Identio is insured with the Extra Terveysturva insurance and leisure-time accident insurance plan.


Bicycle benefit

The bicycle benefit is an easy and inexpensive way for the employee to purchase a bicycle for both commuting and leisure use. At Identio, it has been a popular benefit because it enables the purchase of even slightly more expensive bicycles with a low threshold.

The people at Identio have also become enthusiastic about cycling together in their free time, so there has been genuine demand for bicycles. When the amount of everyday physical activity goes up and well-being increases, everyone wins.


Flexible working hours and remote working opportunities

At Identio, everyone can decide their own working hours within the requirements of their own work. In customer projects, schedules are agreed upon with the customer, of course, but otherwise the work can be done at the best time, either at the office, at the customer’s premises or remotely.


Team nights

We regularly organise team nights that include good food, various activities and spending time together. Team nights are becoming increasingly important as the amount of remote work increases. For us, it is important that everyone feels that they belong to the group, and such evenings are an excellent way of investing in communality.


Possibility for self-development during working hours

One of the things our employees value most is the opportunity for professional development during working days. We have invested time in the development of our own competence, and with it we can ensure that the people at Identio feel that they are developing in their work and that our customers are thus served by more skilled consultants.


Refreshments and snacks

We work together to ensure that refreshments are available in the refrigerators and coolers of our offices during working days. In addition, you can occasionally detect delicious smells floating from the kitchen when we offer small snacks, a shared breakfast or even delicious cinnamon buns.


Is a benefit missing from the list that would make you more comfortable and increase your well-being?

It could have a place here. We at Identio are always looking for the best solutions to improve team comfort and well-being. That is why all new and fresh ideas are taken into account with an open mind.

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Erika Bergström


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