Identio expands its operations from Turku to Helsinki and opens a new office

The new office of Identio will be opened today 16 August 2021 in Helsinki, in the Postitalo building facing the main railroad station. Their operations will be launched in Spaces’s facilities. This means that they will have a low threshold for increasing their capacity. At least three software engineers will start working in the Helsinki office during August and September.

Helsinki is a natural growing ground for Turku-based Identio. There are many great software professionals and interesting clients in the capital region. That is why we can offer our employees more career opportunities and even better services to our current and new clients.

Joonas Korgan, CEO, believes that despite the new remote work culture, they will still work with client on premises in the future:

– A majority of our clients’ offices are located in the capital region, and we want to be as close as possible to provide them the best possible services. Even though the share remote work has increased during the coronavirus pandemic, we believe that it will certainly be beneficial to be able to work at our clients’ offices if necessary.

Helsinki will open new doors to Identio in the future. It allows us to expand internationally in addition to Finnish cities.

Julius Rajala, software engineer and person in charge at the Helsinki office, has an optimistic outlook for the future:

– We have not kept our ideas about growth a secret this far. Many must already know that we aim for the global market. Helsinki provides us with an easy environment to polish our operations to better suit the international playing fields.

Identio’s new premises are locate at

Identio Oy
c/o Spaces Mannerheiminaukio
1 A 00100 Helsinki

Additional information

Julius Rajala
+358 50 491 9330

Identio Oy is a Turku-based company specialised in software consulting. In three years, it has grown from a small group of friends into a 19 strong specialist organisation. We develop our clients’ digital services with them and help them achieve significant commercial profits. In the last accounting period, Identio’s revenue was EUR 905,000 and result EUR 265,000. Our growth has continued and during 2021, our revenue will rise significantly above EUR 1.5 million.


Erika Bergström


+358 40 568 4617

+358 40 568 4617

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