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Idention ohjelmistokehittäjä Santeri Vairio katsoo ohi kamerasta ja hymyilee.

Software developer, dare to step out of your comfort zone

Name: Santeri VairioJob description: Software developer What is something that not everyone knows about you? – Sea scouting has been part of my life since I was a kid. It’s a form of scouting where you spend time on the water, for example sailing, in addition to regular scouting activities. I’m no longer actively involved …

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An image of a stage at React Finland 2022 conference

React Finland 2022 – A short review

The year of 2022 has been great for people at Identio considering our participation in different kinds of conferences. We’ve had some participation in events before, but we haven’t really been crowding into tech conferences before this year. I haven’t been to the earlier iterations of this specific conference before, despite the topic and title …

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Identio fortnightly dev

Fortnightly Dev Vol. 7

We’re back! And not just us, but we’ve brought another guest writer with us; our dear colleague and a Go wizard Jimmy Fagerholm. He will enlighten you about how microservices communicate with gRPC. Enjoy the comeback episode of Fortnightly Dev! 🚀 – shuttle.rsYou’ve heard of infrastructure as code. How about infrastructure from code? Still in …

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Henkilö katsoo -verkkosivua kannettavan tietokoneen näytöltä EN

suomeksi Technology as a catalyst for Kuntokauppa’s growth Cooperation between Identio and Kuntokauppa began in spring 2021. We have had the opportunity to participate in the development of Kuntokauppa’s online shop. We interviewed Matias Kukko, the founder and executive director of Kuntokauppa, who has been running the company since 2007. OUR JOB DESCRIPTION Full … EN Read More »

Fortnightly Dev Vol. 6

🎢 You can write slimmer frontend without the Virtual DOM – Svelte, Solid, BlogpostThere has been an influx of frontend frameworks without Virtual DOM in recent years. These frameworks promise to deliver similar ergonomics in state-driven declarative UI development as established frameworks such as React, Vue & Angular. They manage DOM changes by knowing at build time …

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Fortnightly Dev Vol. 5

🪗 Terraform is the right way to manage Spotify Playlists – GitHub: conradludgate – terraform-provider-spotify HashiCorp Learn: Create a Spotify Playlist with TerraformWith terraform-provider-spotify and Spotify’s API you can use Terraform’s declarative syntax to build playlists. No developer should use the clumsy Spotify app for this ever again. This is simply the better way to go …

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Identio Fortnightly Dev vol. 3

Fortnightly Dev Vol. 3

🌏 Accelerate State of DevOps – 2021 Accelerate State of DevOps ReportGoogle Cloud’s Accelerate State of DevOps is a cool piece of insight into how the best handle their DevOps. State of DevOps includes stuff like ranking how different organizations rank in terms of software delivery performance, how the industry have improved in the rankings and how …

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Konsta Sinisalo hymyilee Idention turkoosin taustakankaan edessä

Hey software developer, think about what’s important to you

Name: Konsta SinisaloJob description: Software Engineer What is something that not everyone knows about you? I’m surprisingly self-aware, and it doesn’t necessarily always show on the outside. I deliberately give people the impression that I’m really relaxed – and that’s quite true. I’d say I’m a mediocre coder but an excellent consultant. I’m self-confident, and I think …

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