Fortnightly Dev Vol. 3

Fortnightly Dev Newsletter – from developers to developers.

Fortnightly Dev is a newsletter originally published in our internal #programming-channel. We read it and thought, what the hell — this might even interest someone else.

Identio Fortnightly Dev vol. 3

🌏 Accelerate State of DevOps – 2021 Accelerate State of DevOps Report
Google Cloud’s Accelerate State of DevOps is a cool piece of insight into how the best handle their DevOps. State of DevOps includes stuff like ranking how different organizations rank in terms of software delivery performance, how the industry have improved in the rankings and how cloud continues to accelerate on adoption.

🐢 Terragrunt – Terragrunt by
We at Identio quite enjoy building our infrastructure with Terraform. Terragrunt is a thin wrapper on top of Terraform that provides some much needed extra functionality that you may need when working with Terraform. Terragrunt makes your Terraform less verbose, more DRY and more secure, all while enforcing good coding practices. Terragrunt also fills in a lot of gaps in Terraform’s functionality, such as easier sharing of state between dependencies, support for environment variables and support for multiple AWS accounts.

🦕 Deno –
Deno is a modern runtime for your JavaScript and TypeScript code slowly gaining momentum. With many cloud-providers already offering the runtime on serverless services, might Deno be ready for primetime? One of the big gripes of working with JavaScript is the lack of sane standard libraries and the need for a large amount of external tooling. Deno attempts to tackle both of these issues with tooling and its own standard library and it supports TypeScript out of the box without extra steps. Happy developers means happier code.

🎨 Anima – Anima: Design to code
Anima seems like an interesting addition to the toolbelt of systems shared by designers and developers. It allows for generating HTML, React or Vue components with pre-generated css-classes generated from Figma, Adobe XD or Sketch. Anima’s list of references includes such impressive users as Netflix and Amazon. Are we ready to create our components directly from the designs? We’ll let you know when we get our hand on it.

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