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Fortnightly Dev is a newsletter originally published in our internal #programming-channel. We read it and thought, what the hell — this might even interest someone else.

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🧑‍🚀 Astro –
Astro is a static site builder built for the modern age. Its main selling points are its aggressive JavaScript elimination, component-level hydration and powerful developer experience. Astro natively supports every popular framework, and you can even mix and match. Astro’s performance promises 40% faster and 90% less JavaScript compared to leading static site generators. It also boasts a huge 91% developer satisfaction in State of JS 2021.

🥞 State of JS: Backend technologies – State of JS
Since last time, we also took a look at the backend technologies. A quick look shows Express still remaining the top-dog in terms of usage. Strong growth can be seen from the Spring Boot like Nest. SSR frameworks are growing in usage, with the examples of SvelteKit, Astro and Remix, all of which also have high user-satisfaction.

🐥 Svelte & SvelteKit – SvelteSvelteKit
Svelte – the latest hotness in frontend web technology – has caught real traction this past year, and has become quite a reputable choice for building frontend. The main difference of Svelte compared to the likes of React is that Svelte is more of a compiler than a runtime framework. There’s no Virtual DOM. This allows for smaller bundle sizes and more performant applications, without skimping on developer ergonomics. Svelte has 90% developer satisfaction in State of JS 2021. The ecosystem has also grown quite a bit. SvelteKit, for example, promises a fully featured framework comparable to Next.js. SvelteKit topped the chart at State of JS 2021 with an impressive 91% developer satisfaction.

📀 What’s happening on my desktop? – AreWeGuiYet?
We’re fans of Rust and follow developments with the language despite our novice experience in the language. Rust based applications might just be universal down the line. There’s been recent developments towards using Rust to also create user interfaces, some of these recent developments include Tauri – an electron alternative with the “backend” processes being controlled in and Dioxus. Is this the future of desktop apps?

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