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More affordable food by reducing food waste

Unwasted is a free mobile application that was developed to reduce food waste. Mobile Rockstar Oy approached Identio to create a modern application for iOS and Android platforms.


Modern technology and effortless cooperation

Developing an application like Unwasted with React Native was smart, because it works on both iOS and Android platforms. Node.js, Express and AWS were chosen as the back-end technologies, because our team is highly experienced with them. Additionally, the control panel was created with Polymer and Vaadin Components because they offer suitable components to create an internal control panel quicky, keeping the customer’s needs in mind. 

We developed the software in two-week sprints, after which we reviewed the development. Our main principle was to have a publishable version of the application ready at the end of each sprint.

Customer-orientation and active communication were integral to the project from the start. The application was finished in time and within budget. We have also developed the application after its release, introducing new features, such as push notifications.


React Native
Vaadin Components

User-friendliness in a neat package

The Unwasted application has a cloud based back-end system where the partners can enter data of their products on sale. The user can choose to receive notifications of products that can be purchased directly via the application and picked up from a store immediately after the transaction.

Their work was customer-oriented and flexible.

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+358 40 568 4617

+358 40 568 4617

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