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Fortnightly Dev is a newsletter originally published in our internal #programming-channel. We read it and thought, what the hell — this might even interest someone else.

🪗 Terraform is the right way to manage Spotify Playlists – GitHub: conradludgate – terraform-provider-spotify HashiCorp Learn: Create a Spotify Playlist with Terraform
With terraform-provider-spotify and Spotify’s API you can use Terraform’s declarative syntax to build playlists. No developer should use the clumsy Spotify app for this ever again. This is simply the better way to go about it.

⚛️ React 18 – Part 1: Concurrent Rendering
React’s next major version has now been out for a while. There’s a lot to unpack here, so we’ll do this in a few parts. Laying out the foundations for concurrent rendering seems to be the big thing to raise from this release of React. Building larger React applications has undoubtedly lead you to encounter blocked rendering issues at some point. React’s new concurrent rendering model aims to provide a smoother experience even for applications with a high number of state updates. The key here is interruptible rendering and a lot of behind the scenes magic.

🗻 Nuxt 3 – The Hybrid Vue Framework
Nuxt is fully featured framework for Vue, similar to Next.js. Nuxt can be used to build a SPA, a static site, a server rendered site, a REST API or any combination of these. Nuxt’s next big release is right around the corner, and it packs quite a lot of unique features. Some of these features include automatic imports, strongly typed Server Routes and nested routing similar to Remix. Nuxt 3 stable release is planned for this June.

🥞 –
IHP is a Haskell Web Framework we’ve stumbled upon a few times, but never had the pleasure to work with before. From Digitally Induced, the company behind this framework, comes A batteries included web application backend for building Single Page Applications. Thin seems to provide a sturdy foundation for application development powered by IHP under the hood, with a much sleeker wrapper. Your favourite frontend framework in the frontend, fully-typed postgres definitions through Haskell in the backend.

⚡️ Vite.js –
Ever been in a situation where starting your frontend application’s webpack dev-script takes a minute to get you started? We have. Vite is a next generation frontend toolset for building your frontend applications in a less painful fashion. I recently moved a medium sized project from Webpack to Vite, leading to a decrease in cold start buildtimes from 70 seconds down to 3. Might just be my old webpack configuration. But boy do I love it. Less time for fetching coffee in the morning though.


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