Our growing team is looking for new members.

From IT consulting and technology expertise to emphasis on a strong brand and marketing.

We waited for Aleksi for two years.

Don't make us wait so long.

Our goal is to be the best* IT consultancy in Finland.

*For us, the best means that the expertise of each of our employees is valued and the greatest resources of our team are trust and team spirit.

The world is digitalizing rapidly and the needs of our customers are changing with it. That is why, in addition to software development, we invest heavily in branding, content production and communications. We play an important role in building the systems of the future and helping our customers cope with the digital revolution. With us you play a critical role as a problemsolver for our customers' all digitalisation needs. With us you get to work as a part of our skillful and dedicated team.

Prerequisite for success

Our job is to create a work environment where everyone can be who they are. A good work atmosphere is built on mutual trust. Our success depends on the success of our employees. This is why at Identio, the employee always comes first.

Come along – let's do something big!

Meaningful job – reasonably challenging

We respect your expertise and look for the project that best serves you. When work provides a challenge, it remains meaningful. However, you are not alone, as you'll always have the support of the entire team behind you. Thanks to our peer-mentoring culture, we are able to continuously develop our skills and share information among our team.

Marathon, not a sprint

We have carefully built the foundation of our company and established lasting customer relationships. We are not looking for a shortcut to success, but we want to be a reliable company in the long run. Our goal is to continue to grow and expand beyond Turku in the future.

We take care of you

At Identio, we want to make sure you have the best possible chances to succeed in your work. The well-being of employees is the foundation for the success of the entire company. There is no us without you.

Your well-being comes first

We take care of you so you can focus on your work. We offer all employees health services as well as exercise and lunch benefits without forgetting the office’s snack offering.

Equipment for your success

We know working is easier with appropriate equiment and licenses. That's why we offer you freely chosen tools, regardless of your job description.

Work without fun?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question. Our regular team nights, sport trials and other things to do together bring counterbalance to the work and maintain a good feel to the office.

Offices wherever you are

Our offices are located in Turku, at Eerikinkatu 6B and in Helsinki, at Mannerheiminaukio 1 A . When you work with us, you are free to choose whether to do a remote day at home or head to the workspaces of our warm-hearted offices.

Identio in five years

It is impossible to predict the future, but together we can take things in the right direction. Our Vision is to grow and develop the company continuously towards the global market. We are wondering, what kind of views would open from the office windows in Oslo, for example...

Are you our next colleague?

We're looking for good workmates to our team. "A good workmate" is a subjective thing of course but for us it means someone who wants to develop their professional skills, is a nice co-worker, and isn't afraid of new challenges.

When you work with us, you don’t need to have a solution to all problems. In a workplace where you can ask a friend when a problem arises, you’re never alone. You have the support of the whole team.

We are constantly developing ourselves to make things better for you. Whether it’s our work culture, the employee benefits we offer or the comfort of our office, we’re always looking for new ways to provide the best conditions for you to succeed.