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Want to create something new or build on a software that already exists? We are excited about your vision and want to help you to succeed. We make working easy and keep you posted along the way.

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Joonas Korgan

Joonas Korgan, CEO


Web development

Need to go from idea to reality? We'll get you there with modern and battle tested web technologies to solve your problems.


Mobile solutions

We'll get you running with applications for the platforms of your choise. Not to forget the required backend solutions.


Cloud solutions

You're likely moving to the cloud? We're already there. We'll help you get set up with the cloud platform of your choise and provide you with the lasting infrastructure you need to succeed.


UI & UX Design

We design clear and stylish user interfaces to enhance your services taking into account the user experience from the beginning.

Easy-going cooperation

We offer you uncomplicated and close cooperation. We are always on your side, which means dedication to your project and trust right from the start of the customer relationship. Our goal is to find the best tools and the most sustainable solutions to make the future a little more worry-free for you.

1. Discussion of your needs.

Let's find solutions

to support your

success story.

2. Cooperation agreement

Let's agree on

the project progress

and details.

3. It works

Our consult starts

working in your team.

It's great that you chose us!

4. Ready!

When the project is ready,

we will also take care of

further development and

technical support if necessary.

Let's figure things out together

We are passionate about our work. When one of us jumps aboard your ship, you'll have the shared knowledge of our entire team at your disposal. Our peer-mentoring culture allows you to have the best skills and professionals at your use no matter the project.

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Well-being guarantees success

We believe that when our employees are doing well, they are capable of the best possible outcome. We always provide our consultants with the highest quality tools, take care of the comfort of our office and encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.

Check out how we feel about Identio

  • Skilled

  • Energetic

  • Trustworthy

  • Problemsolver

Identio's role have been designing and implementing new features in a government project. Throughout the project their responsibilities have increased. The client has been extremely happy about the project and our developers' results.

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Identio clientIdentio client

Identio has provided senior developers to Leadoo for their product development.

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Identio clientIdentio client

Istekki is an expert organization in health and well-being technology. Identio has acted as Istekki's marketing partner.

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Identio clientIdentio client

Identio was a great help in the development of web user interfaces, although the projects and assignments changed, the identified needs could be fulfilled with good know-how and the adoption of situations. The cooperation was smooth and the results were professional. Kiho recommends Identio!

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Identio clientIdentio client

Vaadin is a Finnish web software framework for creating web applications. Identio has helped Vaadin with the product development of user interface technologies.

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Identio clientIdentio client

Unwasted is a Finnish startup that provides an application to reduce food wastage. The application allows users to buy products with an impending best before -date at reduced prices with ease.

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Identio clientIdentio client

We'll provide the talent you need to succeed.

Modern Web Technologies

Service design

Mobile Development

Distributed Systems

Payment Interface


Backend Systems


Progressive Web Applications

Cloud Solutions



User Interface Design

User Experience Design

Graphic Design

Content Production

Joonas Korgan

Joonas Korgan, CEO

Interested in working with us?

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