Idention ohjelmistokehittäjä Pyry Pajunpää

Name: Pyry Pajunpää
Job description: Software Engineer

What is something that not everyone knows about you?

Before hopping onto the IT field, I worked as a live sound tech for seven years. I mixed festivals, concerts, seminars and other events. It was a very intensive job. When I was mixing, I had five minutes to prepare the next band while the previous one was still playing their third encore. It taught me to work under pressure. Up to several thousands of people watched me as I hurriedly switched cables on the stage.

I have learned that you will constantly make mistakes. They are part of work everywhere. You also shouldn’t hesitate to bring them up. By doing this, you will help create a culture where mistakes are allowed.

What was the spark that inspired you to join Identio?

The most important factor was that Identio was, and still is, in a very interesting growth phase. I was very happy with my employer back then, but I had connections with Identio. I was curious about my chances to score an interesting position and be able to affect matters more on the company level.

Every time I met people from Identio, I was convinced. I knew that I would love to work with them.

What drives you in your work?

When I start working at home or at the office, no-one will observe when I come to work or if I work diligently. We are all equal colleagues and I only my clients can hold me responsible for my work. When the client is happy, all is well and good, and I can focus on my own work in peace.

I also have a great time with my colleagues on top of the freedom. There are no dull moments, and I can easily find a common language with everyone.

What would you like to tell your future colleagues?

You will be a part of our team from day one. You will be on the same line. Don’t try to emulate us; introduce your own additions into our culture. Let’s laugh and code together!

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